Th OSRAM Million Dollar Idea

After six months, the final winners are announced for the 1 million Linden $ idea. As a finalist, my team mates and I worked on refining two of the ideas we had already submitted as individuals. A month after the deadline, the winners were announced and my team won! The million Lindens were split amongst the five of us. I’m now walking around with over L$ 200,000 cash (about 750 US$). It should help cover my tier for the next two months.
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7 Responses to Th OSRAM Million Dollar Idea

  1. Jane2 says:

    Congrats, dedric!!!!

  2. Congratulations, and there’s a typo in the headline (excitement probably).

  3. Looker Lumet says:

    Congratulations Dedric!! I am glad that you read my post in time!;))

  4. seekeresparza says:

    Congrats! Well deserved!

  5. Congratulations Dedric!

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