Deadline passed, assett server acting up

After dealing with the assette server for the past few hours, the contest deadline has finally come to pass. Fleche here tells me that I have a lot of junk here that I rezzed earlier. I can’t see them, but I can bump into them. I gave Fleche modify rights and he wasn’t able to delete them. I tried leaving the sim and comming back. I relogged. Cleared my cache, and even tried a different client. It is as if the server belives that the items are physically here, but refuses to reveal them to me. Fleche Xeno relogged as well and found that the garbage did disappear, but that he was not allowed to walk where they once were. This is really annoying.
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3 Responses to Deadline passed, assett server acting up

  1. Miles Beck says:

    Ghost prims. Are they showing up in the “Selected/sat upon” line for your prim count? If so, a sim restart is the only way to delete them.

    One time when I experienced this, a friend and I took simultaneous photos and exchanged them. The items all showed in my friend’s photos, but not in mine.

  2. Lunette says:

    Not a comment on this post, but wanted to generally say “thank you” for sharing your experiences as you work. I’m still a newbie (even after 7 months in SL) and reading the process you go through is very educational. I doubt I will ever get to the point where I can make anything anyone else would be interested in, but the learning process is fun anyway.

  3. Miles: I don’t know about my own prim count. Second Life doesn’t allow me to see how many prims I have on land that isn’t mine. I don’t have control over restarting the sim either. I found out that the invisible prims disappeared physically (not just visibly) by time I logged in the next day.

    Lunette: Thanks for the thanks. We will always be noobs no matter how professional we get. SL has its limitations that we need to work around, as well as new technology coming at us to keep it from going stale. The way that I started out was to make thats that I could use for myself. I was able to package them later and people seem to actually buy the stuff.

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