Trolly Time

zeusdinne Baroque contacted me about helping to finish her trolly. She was putting on the finishing touches, but she needed someone to script it. I started out creating an object to detect my position and rotation relative to it. I started getting different positions in the trolly. 13 sitting positions, 6 standing positions, and I am about to work on a few “hanging on for dear life” positions as well. zeus also wants it scripted eventually to follow roads. I’ll have to think about that one. For now, i’ll probably set her up with having it act as a vehicle controlled by the person who sits in the drivers seat.
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2 Responses to Trolly Time

  1. Radar says:

    you could do it like the ice skating systems where you plot out the points in advance, then load them into the system.

    Plot them out, load them into a notecard, and let it navigate the points.

  2. Ah, but I think the real idea here is to allow the system to work without too much configuration. Gotta keep it simple. I may end up just using a sensor to detect a track. Let the person lay down the track to go any direction they like.

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