Going scriptless

I’ve been noticing the large number of scripts in most networked vendors (Apez, SLX, JEVN and OnRez). Placing one vendor may be fine, but I often setup 32 of them to categorize my products. JEVN surprisingly has the least number. To improve performance on simulators, I’m degrading all of my vendors to single prims, no scripts, and default to buy. My main reason for networked vendors is to keep track of sales. I’ll start to work on a way to automate the retrieval of my logs from the secondlife website to store within my own database. Logs are important so I can send out product updates.
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2 Responses to Going scriptless

  1. Antonius Misfit says:

    Dedric, if you’re going to automate retrieval of your transaction logs, the best place to start would be getting at the XML version of your logs. However you’ll have to go through logging in, otherwise trying a direct link will give you a blank log(I tried). A download tool like curl or wget given the right options should be able to handle that, I think.

  2. I’ve been trying curl, but I have a lot of problems grabbing pages over https. I have tried many different ways to go at it. I also tried the python script but I keep getting errors about a command not found. I am at my wits end here. I’ve done it before with c#, but I doubt my web hosting account offers mono.

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