Space Llama Razzap Snookums

I’ve noticed one of the neighbors here has started to sport a llama avatar. The difference from other four legged avatars in Second Life is that Razzap is an alien. To go along with his alienistic style, his llama is green.He also sports a hip rocket pack on his back to assist in flying. The funniest part of this guy is that he can spit just like a llama. He gets everyone running in good humor when people start to make comments asking if he can spit just like a llama. He has antennas behind his ears so he can talk with other space llamas.
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3 Responses to Space Llama Razzap Snookums

  1. Razzap says:

    hehe Third hit in Google(TM) for Space Llama Woot

  2. Heh. I’m seeing it as the first hit!

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