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I found the shop where Cogsworth Linden purchased the gears. He mentioned that they were 500 L$, but it turns out they are actually 4,000 L$! I had to think hard about it. It’s about 15 US$ that I would be spending. After thinking hard about it, I purchased the gears, a wooden bridge made of four prims for 499 L$, 128 building shapes for 1200 L$ and a path tiles sculpted for 500 L$. In all, about 23 US$. Can we say impulse buy? What I want to know is how do they do hard edges with sculpts? And how do they make one sculpt look like separate multiple objects?
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  1. Annyka says:

    Hiya Dedric ^^
    I dont think its too hard to do with modelling programs that edit the sculptmap directly, like Sculptypaint or that in-world one ( I forgot the name). I’ve toyed around a little bit in Sculptypaint and you can see clearly that where there are sharp edges on the model there are also corresponding bands of sharp color contrasts on the sculptmap. For the sculpts that look like multiple pieces, I think the in-between empty space is done by painting those pixels 50% gray (or whatever the 0-point is on sculptmaps) which causes the points to collapse down to nothing. You can sometimes see the partial effect in world on half-rezzed sculpts.

    Of course, my knowledge of this is very little and its just from toying around in sculptypaint a little, so the experts can probably explain it better.

  2. I need a better tool to create points and move them around. The things that are out there are too hard to work with a model as a whole.

  3. csven says:

    You might want to watch the Sculpty Paint video. It shows a few gears being creating, iirc.

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