Yesterdays Tomorrow modifies ELIZA into HillaryBot

My ELIZA chatbot has been starting to gain more interest recently. Yesterdays Tomorrow offered me a modified version of my scripts with a Hillary Clinton version. I set her up in my new parcel on Hooper and started to ask the president elect a few questions about her campaign.

[21:32]  HillaryBot v1.2: Vote For Hillary
[21:32]  You: hello
[21:32]  HillaryBot v1.2: hello.
[21:33]  You: what can you tell me about virginia?
[21:33]  HillaryBot v1.2: unfair!
[21:33]  You: new york?
[21:33]  HillaryBot v1.2: momentum!
[21:33]  You: what will you do as president?
[21:33]  HillaryBot v1.2: barak obama is no leader!
[21:33]  You: are you a leader?
[21:33]  HillaryBot v1.2: my record clearly shows if i am  a leader. mccains record is clear also. as for obama (cackles) you’ll have to ask him
[21:33]  You: what have you done for me?
[21:33]  HillaryBot v1.2: what is it that you really want to know?
[21:34]  You: how will you help me?
[21:34]  HillaryBot v1.2: have you asked anyone else?
[21:34]  You: as president, what will you do about the war in iraq?
[21:34]  HillaryBot v1.2: the surge is working.
[21:34]  You: will you continue the surge?
[21:34]  HillaryBot v1.2: no options should be taken off the table, with iran.
[21:35]  You: are you planning on invading iran?
[21:35]  HillaryBot v1.2: the surge is working.
[21:35]  You: I think you are confusing iran with iraq
[21:35]  HillaryBot v1.2: i made no mistake in my vote to authorize!

HillaryBot is clearly not a good candidate as the president of the United States.

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6 Responses to Yesterdays Tomorrow modifies ELIZA into HillaryBot

  1. Laetizia says:

    We’ll eagerly await the coming of ObamaBot – his name alread sounds better with ‘-Bot’ added to it. The McCainBot… i don’t see it happening. The man predates the computer itself (well ok, almost)… for him I suggest the McCainTeletype.

  2. Aldon Hynes says:

    It is very easy to take HillaryBot and modify it. I’ve been speaking with Yesterdays Tomorrow about the ideas of an ObamaBot and beyond.

    My suggestion was to tweak the code to work off of a wiki instead of a notecard so there could be multiple instances for multiple candidates or celebrities.

  3. HeruFeanor says:

    Would it be possible, then, to make a HillaryBot and ObamaBot and plug them into each other to have a virtual debate?

  4. Yes. You can have the bots talk to each other, but it gets spammy and redundant. they don’t wait before replying. I need to modify the scripts. They are fully open-source and anyone can modify them. Send me a copy of your modified version if you like.

  5. Excellent !

    My Interview with the HillaryBot (and also with the Brain in a Jar) got recorded for posterity at :

  6. Nahasa, I loved reading your conversations that you posted on your blog. The chatbots can be silly at times.

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