Optimizing prim count

I haven’t had to deal with prim limitations much since I had moved away from the mainland onto my own sim. Now that I have a considerable amount of property on the mainland, I am now running into problems with prim limitations. I have reworked many parts of my building to appear to be made of more prims then what is actually present. I am finding that the tube is being used most often to give the expanded antenna effect. I’ve had to use mega prims to adjust for the floor. I only have a limited few to work with. It is hard to use them because you can not change the size to make them work better with the build. I’ve discovered a few problems, but it has only set me back by two extra prims.
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2 Responses to Optimizing prim count

  1. banbasher says:

    D – Watch out for mega prims on the mainland – every few months the Lindens start making noise that they are going to ban them from the mainland.

    Yeah – I use them but for only a few items due their limitations. It would be nice to have 50 x 50 X50 limits – anything bigger is just for show

  2. Yea, I hear that every now and then. It seems to be that if it is causing a problem, they’ll delete it. I am not abusing them and I see a few of my neighbors are using them as well. I primarily use the for my floor. I use about a third less prims in most cases where I use mega prims.

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