Entrance to Free World denied

So I was looking around the Justice Commons and happened to see a few cameras moving around this small building. I walked on up and saw lots of gadgetry. The computers started scanning every bit of information into my real life. Apparently I purchase an average amount of comestibles, so I am probably to polynationalism or a lack of patriotism. WTF?!? It proceeded to scan energy invoices and air miles. It noticed I have had over 256 clothing changes since my avatar was changed and decided there was a possible identity concielment. In the end, I ended up being confined for suspicion of planning potentially subversive acts because I had no criminal record. There was much more of course.
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3 Responses to Entrance to Free World denied

  1. Antonius Misfit says:

    Obviously it’s a take on “Big Brother is watching” and the PATRIOT Act. I’d be surprised if anyone other than the land owner would pass. I just checked it out, and I’m apparently a treehugger based on my garbage output, a possible drug addict due to “traces of coffee and tofu found”, dirt poor at $L536 average liquidity, plus the same messages you got too.

    I knew I should have worn my “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” avatar, just for fun:

  2. Lunette says:

    That’s just creepy.

  3. I just thought it was hilarious.

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