Dancing the bugs away

TheDiva Rockin comes over after posting some new fashion police stuff on her blog with a 50 foot amazon woman. This was just after TheDiva appearing on Going Broke with Daphne and Tamara. I took a look at the picture and my guess is that the woman is flying or standing on an invisible prim. It also looks a little streatched vertically. Anyhow, we can’t buy anything until the official linden blog says we can.
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3 Responses to Dancing the bugs away

  1. The Diva says:

    OMG! Who turned the lights out!!?? you can’t even see my green flower!!

    lol – Thanks for the TP Dedric, always fun hanging with ya!

  2. I think that was me. I am running on the minimal settings and the place is still laggy.

  3. […] a life music event while I finished up with some work. When the concert was over, I got an IM from Dedric which lead to a TP and plopped in one of the Relay for Life – Clothing Fair […]

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