Backup and restore your inventory

It was only a matter of time before someone figured out how to do it. Angelo Biondi has created software (Second Inventory) that allows you to pick and choose what items in your inventory you want to save to your local hard drive. He also put in the ability to restore items back into second life. For any content creator who has lost inventory to the asset server, this is the answer we have all been waiting for. The software does not allow you to download any object which you do not have full permissions on already. At a heafty price of 11,000 L$, there are not many takers. However, many fearmongers are shouting copybot again.
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  1. There are a few “gotcha’s”, but it’s really got potential. I’m using it to back up everything i created – and after 2 1/2 years – that’s a lot!

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  3. Very impressive software tool. This would have saved me many headaches from lost builds in the past. I hope that the price doesn’t prevent widespread adoption.

  4. If the files that were saved were in clear text, it would be easier to make programs compatible with the tool. I’d love it if I could save the LSL scripts so that they could be loaded in the LSL editor and ran off-world. Make some changes, and then restore them into SL.

  5. It sounds like a really promising and awesome tool. Unfortunately, the price *WILL* prevent widespread adoption. and there are those fear mongers who are already crying “copybot” again.

    I’d love to have this. But until a time-limited demo (or some other kind of demo) is available, I’m not willing to riski the money in ‘buy-to-try’ – as i’m sure there is no refund or ‘exchange’ policy.

    Hmmm… hope a demo of some sort comes along. otherwise, even I won’t bother with it (until I can try a hands-on test drive) – and I rely heavily on the money I make off my in-world products to cover all the LL costs of SL (Estate and other tiers, plot and mall rental fees and so on).

    Promising… but still a bit out of reach. if not by price, then by the ‘trust me, it works and you’ll like it’ factor.

  6. at $11,000 its really only about $40 US. If Dedric says it does what it says (and isn’t a scam) that sounds worth it to me!

  7. It’s worth it, trust me. For me to shell out any dosh it has to be uber-user friendly and easy peasy as I barely know how to switch my PC on! ( Ok, I’m not THAT bad, but you get my drift…)I wish I’d had this prior to me recent uber inventory clearout where I mistakenly deleted some very important items. Note to self, do NOT clear inventory and imbibe chardonnay at the same time 😉 Incidentally, customer support is absolutely spot on as well, so I can only recommend this tool as a sound investment:)

  8. So far I have problems viewing images and the files are not saved on my hard drive as clear text. Once those two issues are resolved, it would be perfect for me. No one else has been reporting issues about the images, so I’m thinking it has to do with the fact that I’m running a 64 bit operating system. Not many people do…

    It is a bit expensive. However, for the time that the author has put into it, it is hard to get a good return on investment in this niche market. Just something to consider.

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  10. Ernie Weston says:

    I soooo want a tool like this and the money is not an issue with me as the stuff in purchased in sl put together would be much more than the cost of this backup software………BUT I need some sort of convincing it does what it says it does……….where are the youtube videos etc to show it in action. surely this is easy to show ppl how it works and what it does…………..if you convince me it does what it says it does then count me in……Ernie Weston,Sl

  11. Lane says:

    This tool should be able to back-up things that you show as *owner* too. Not everyone is a creator, and to create is not a requirement to “spend”; no-creators spend a lot of money in SL.

    Most people choose and buy no-copy items that cost a fortune, SL asset server issues steal them, and some creators are total jerks and won’t give you a new one.

    Surely in RL you’ll buy a car and, if a thief steals it, the shop won’t give you another. But that’s why we have that thing called “insurance”.

    If SL Inventory backed up items where you can save on your HD as “owner” and restore with the same perms the item was saved with, I’d get it.

    Because the asset servers will NEVER steal those “objects” out of your trash can. It only steals the no-copy, expensive ones.

  12. Igar says:

    With the imposed permissions censorship, this item is too expensive and frankly the single user version is a waist of money – the idea is great, the service and support is excellent, but the decision on how one should use it is upto the individual. They agree to live by Second Life rules, it is upto Second Life to police those rules, not the application designer.

    If the “Owner” was allowed to backup all items from their inventory it would solve the problem.

    Frankly I think this product will fade if the designers do not change their attitude (and/or price) – there are other applications on the market and being developed that are not so restrictive.

  13. Matheus says:

    Second Inventory is a good and stable tool, but there is a viewer that can export / import objects you created, you can with it go to ADITI (BETA) grid, make some things, save to inventory, go to main grid and import these things, but the texture price you need to pay…
    The viewer name is Meerkat.

  14. @Matheus – I have not had the same success as you with the stability of Second Inventory. It crashes often for me and between version releases, something usually gets broken.

    I’ll have the check out Meerkat. It sounds interesting that the tools are already built in.

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