Piracy with Business in a Box

I had heard of many land owners express their intolerance for business in a box packages. I hadn’t realized the reason until Keiko Rau pointed out how I was affected. Someone took my freebie products and put it in a large collection of freebies, and sold them off. Other people put my product up for sale. The 360 Floor Mat here is being sold for 50L$. I can’t stand it. If someone had made changes and developed it into a different product, I could understand. I never intended for people to pay for this product and am deeply offended. Should we get better access restrictions on the products? How about if SL fully supported something like creative commons to share, remix, and reuse legally?
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5 Responses to Piracy with Business in a Box

  1. Antonius Misfit says:

    It’s obvious the offender here replaced a single prim with one of his/her own, to change the creator of the object(s) to him/her, resulting in a permissions circumvention of sorts. The only way to prevent that(with the exception of first sale rights) is set your freebies to no mod and no transfer.

    If CC style permissions were incorporated , it would pretty much confuse people. Perhaps a better idea would be to split the “Resell/Give Away” transfer permission into Resell and Give Away. That way you could allow people to freely give out your freebies(Give Away), but not allow selling for L$(Resell).

  2. I’m sure if started selling linux with no modifications for 50 dollars each, a lot of people would get bothered by it. I’m tempted to create a bot with a picket sign to tell people not to buy the products that they can get for free.

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  4. From your video Stuart, it appears that they took down my product. I just don’t know how I’m going to track down who else is selling my freebies.

  5. I am going to start a watchdog group and blog – maybe with posting of these reseller’s locations and keeping a fire under them they will HAVE to keep re-doing stuff and eventually they might tire (yeah right). I am sooooo sick of this crap.

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