A better look between sims

When I purchased the Woodbridge sim, I saw my visitors dropping each month. A report that I made last night showed that my younger visitors were not comming to my Higgins parcel at all. I had a suspision that the Woodbridge sim took away all my young visiters when I moved the money tree over to the new sim. Looking at stats for woodbridge, they seem to have the same trend with age percentages. The money tree is in a networked directory, so the directory updates each day. In fact, the directory was broken a while back and I noticed a drop in visitors until it was fixed. So where are all the noobs?
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One Response to A better look between sims

  1. ArminasX says:

    Very interesting – I am indeed seeing the same phenomenon with exactly the same kind of traffic meter. I wrote about this most recently here: http://www.secondeffects.com/2008/02/elderly-visitors.html

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