I love the silverscreen sim

Silverscreen is a very interesting sim that has “professional” written all over it. Everything seems crisp. textures, land, even little ecosystems are just amazing to experience. One area, you can watch the preview and a few clips from the movie 300. Another area has plenty of storyboard artwork and books where you can buy them online, or get a free THiNC book in-world. Another area has stills from the movie and marker drawings of characters and more drawn out storyboards that are nice to see as a comic format. My favorit is the eco-system, or mock build of a town in the movie. I got a nice costume and even got to jump down a large black pit. Lots of movie props were found, free!
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  1. Liam Kanno says:

    Cool. Im so happy you had a chance to swing by and check things out. Dannyboy Lightfoot and his team over at the Picture Production Company did an amazing job pulling together a major event like this, and I am very happy they had the confidence in the V3 Group to help them pull off the sim build. Also I am so psyched that Warner Brothers had the faith in PPC and the V3 Group to develop a mini set of “This Is Sparta”. I think it really shows how useful Second Life can be in terms of distributing environments in a new way to an audience.

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  3. […] I love the Silverscreen Sim […]

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