SL Times Interview

The other day I saw an auction up on SL Exchange to be in an interview for an upcomming newspaper in SecondLife called SL Times. Auctions are something on SL Exchange that I hadn’t tried out yet and I figured, Why not?

I kept getting errors every time I tried to bid. I notified the sites support and they had it fixed the next day. Surprising enough, I was the only one to bid and won for only 1000 L$ (about $3 US).

Tonight, Luke Birdbrain interviewed my avatar, Dedric Mauriac. I was at a loss at first for what exactly I wanted the story to be about. I ended up showing him the variouse things that I make in the game. Some of the ideas behind the things and how they come about. He was drooling over a few items such as the Game Clock, Comment Box, and my Message Board.

I was starting to wonder who won the auction. I handed a game clock to him free and also gave him my open-source voice box that I am working on.

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