Learning Social Skills In a Virtual Environment

Blogging … it has pretty much taken a back seat to SecondLife. I’m finding myself becomming more “social” in this game then I ever have been in real life. I’m starting to appear in other peoples shapshots and videos. In fact, I’m starting to apply those skills to real life. Now that’s really odd.

From what I have learned, the most powerful word in this game is “Hello”. Once that word is spoken, people tend to drop what they were doing and start talking with you. I had a group of people just hanging out at my shop after a few minutes. Most of the time, people show up, grab some money from the money tree out front, and leave. “Hello” got me a little party going. Later a few of us went to a museum court yard to see some photos submitted for “7 Days of SecondLife”. We then went inside and saw some really really great photography submissions from RealLife.

In Real Life, Hello isn’t as powerful for passers by. I say hello, and we both go about our way. At least I get a “Hello” back in some form or another. A nod of the head or a smile.

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