Recently I put a large amount of my land up for sale in SecondLife. I had a giant magical playground hovering 700 meters above the world in Higgins. I was down to just one object left to find after deleting everything else. I looked everywhere until I spotted it. It was a carving on a tree I had made that said “Dedric Loves Korii”. Korii is my wifes name in the game.

So lately I have been building new things. I’ve decided to use smaller pieces of land, and dedicate them to specific purposes. One parcel is used for my main store. It is designed simple with lots of curves and open space. I’m setting up my vendors there to show only one item each rather then using the large 16 item vendors.

Behind the store is my warehouse. The warehouse may move to another sim someday, but I didn’t want to risk having the asset id’s change and having to update many other vendors I own around the world. To be extra cautiouse, I attached the servers to my avatar and walked to another part of the sim where my warehouse was being built. The purpose of the warehouse is mainly for my serves. The servers are responsible for delivering products, communicating with networked vendors, and integrating with a few websites that I sell products from as well. I am also going to use the parcel to work on small objects for now.

Last is my hideaway. I specifically looked for a spot that had a beach and was next to a road. It is more of something that is estetically pleasing to the mind, body and soul. I’ll have to build out a little dock and put up a little cozy home to rest in and invite guests to.

Last night I sold 4096 square meters of land at 7 L$ per sq. m. The conversion rate with lindens for US$ rite now (295 L$ /$1.00 US) sets that to just under $100 US. My neighbor purchased the land from me so she could double the size of her own property. I’m almost close to tiering down. If I can sell the mountain, or some land around it, then I could get my monthly payments down from $75 US to $40 US. Hopefully it happends before Sunday, otherwise next months payment will still be $75.

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