Getting a little emotional?

Today I started putting a lot of my land up for sale within SecondLife. The idea is that for now, I’ll cut back on my current tier until I can support it with in-world profit from selling objects and trading my Lindens on the Lindex exchange. During the process, I started taking down a lot of different things that I had created over the past several months.

The length of time it takes to rip things down depends on what you want to save for later. I had to link a lot of my larger structures in special ways as to permit them to be rebuilt easily the next time I need them. So much work went into these objects. So many ideas come flashing by. I remembered the people I talked to who made suggestions or offered support. I had a lot of encouragement along the way too.

It is no wonder that I started to get a little emotional over it. I felt as if I was being a little self destructive. I was tearing down my dreams. I was tearing down dreams that others wanted to see happen. I was letting everyone including myself down. How can someone get so emotional over a stupid video game? I’ve seen people get into problems in regards to social relationships – but objects? These things aren’t even real.

I was about to sleep when my neighbor sent me an instant message asking what was going on with my land. I went over to them and saw my other neighbor there too. The three of us had the same ideas it seems. We are all selling off our land. One is upgrading to another tier. The other is on the first level, so they don’t pay extra for the small amount of land they have been allotted. They both want to buy land in another sim with less lag, so I gave them each a little object that helps them find out how the server that the sim runs on is performing. I told them to go to an island sim to see performance of a fast sim for comparison.

Before I left for the night, I went through a lot of the particle scripts that I was working on for them and gave them the scripts. Since I started, the one neighbor has learned how to add particles to there own objects. I have been so busy with other things that I just haven’t had time to pay attention to things for others. I haven’t really made any time to hang out with them either. They have been doing a lot of things together ever since they got married in the game, and I’ve just been doing my own thing.

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