3D web browser – uBrowser

Sometimes there are things out there that just grab your attention, but yet don’t make sense at a first glance. Today I discovered uBrowser.

I was on NWN reading An Akaline fit for my proceeding. It was about someone who had made a battery from a windmill in SecondLife to power there lighthouse clock during the night. They posted there own detailed explination along with scripts called Butterfly Windmill on there blog, An Engine Fit For My Proceeding. One of the folks made a comment on the article and I followed his link over to My Second Life. It was all dutch to me, but one heading caught my interest – 3D-Browser for Second Life. I followed a link in the article called uBrowser.

It’s cool. My web page loaded up fine with javascripts and CSS. I was able to select text from the page while it was animated like a flag. So some people may not get it. What is the big deal? This would never be used would it? What purpose is behind it? Well, I’ll tell you.

The Second Life folks have been working on showing URL’s within the 3-D world itself. It has been said that the folks at Linden Labs are working on letting you load URL’s onto prims. There are even some methods in LSL script for it (llLoadURL, llRefreshPrimURL, llSetPrimURL), but they dont’ work yet. I didn’t quite get how it would be possible to do anything except display a snapshot of a url. Now it looks like you’ll be able to navigate the internet through SecondLife. Imagine – I could blog within SecondLife.

Hopefully things progress smoothely. It would be great if we saw something like this in version 1.10.0

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