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I was browsing through a few entries on New World Notes, (a Second Life blog). I came across one article (Graphic Content) on the old site regarding a Graphic Novel done with in-world screenshots. Someone got a hold of some software called Comic Book Creator and built some really nice strips.

I liked the layout of it all and the idea of simplicity behind it. I viewed some video tutorials of how to use the software. It’s pretty simple and at a price of $19.99, I was sold. A free trial is available for download that also takes a license key if you want to upgrade to the real thing. You can also purchase it at and EB Games. I went with the option to download rather then purchase a CD. I had it up and running in no time at all after the download completed.

I had an idea of using the comics to help promote some of my products. I threw some screenshots together and went to work. I was able to export the comic as JPEG, Bitmap, HTML, and even PDF (Using Ghost Script). I uploaded and sent the image to a few of my friends in Second Life and they loved it. A few people didn’t get the joke behind the comic, but it still looked cool to them as well.

If you play Second Life (go ahead, it’s free), you can buy some of my items at my store (Dedric’s Magical Marvels) or buy them through the following websites:

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