Mechanical Wings

My wife made some wings for herself in Second Life. I hadn’t seen them and she came over to my place to show them off. They were pretty awesome. My avatar is a naturally a high-tech kinda guy, since I’m always scripting. Out of many wings I have seen in the game, these just set there at the top.

She gave me a set of wings and I changed the colors a bit to suite the colors that I generally go with for my avatar. I even took a few of my existing attachments and changed the colors to keep more of a general color scheme going. My cartoon halo looks a lot more like metallic gold, and I colored my wristpad gold as well. The look reminds me of a high-tech egyption scheme.

She doesn’t script much, but I do. I have some ideas to make the wings even more impressive. We are going to work together on this little project and see if we can get some money rolling in.

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