Another weekend, another life

So yesterday, I went out looking for some trees. I own a small chunk of the world in Second Life and I didn’t like many of the trees that are provided to me. Lynuor and I headed out and found a place called Fate Gardens. We grabbed a few trees for the lot. I saw a boat while we were there and we both tried to ride it. It complained that we were not the owner. Lynour said she knew of a place where we could go.

We ended up at RiverWalk and CliffHouse. Rite away I was in love with a few wind chimes blowing in the wind. I couldn’t find them until the end. I tried to buy some birdseed to feed to a few birds, but my money was thrown back at me. We guessed that you could only do it during the day time. Lyn walked around the docks and led me down to the swans. You could rent either a black or white swan at 5 L$ for thirty minutes.

I purchased the boat and sat down to drive. She came next to me and we went around the river ever so slowly. The night was so quiet except for a few birds and some classical music. There was no one there but us.

We got off at another dock and causally played with the water. I would swing my feet back and forth while she swayed her hand and felt the water flow past it. She then sat curled up against a wall and started to cry. I offered her my hand and we went to the higher decks for a dance.

There was plenty of impressive artwork to look at. I was admiring some stained glass pieces regarding the knights virtues of honor. We walked through a forest nearby and saw some leaves falling down. Lyn commented how a friend of ours promised her falling leaves, but all he ever ended up doing was working on an artificial life project. It seemed pretty simple and I told her that I would take care of it.

Today we went out and looked around at Serenite Gardens. I showed her the different colors of butterfly bowls that were similar to one that I had bought from there in the past. I picked up a Luminaria bag to light up the place back at home. I started to play with a few animations for spell weaving. I saw my hand was making a sign in the air when invoking, but I couldn’t make it out. I had an idea what it was. To be sure, I started making a particle emitter rite there to see. I attached it to my finger and sure enough saw the sign. It was a pentagram.

Throughout the day I started to work on a small project. I created a mushroom and then I built a frog on top of it. It was a bit hard and I looked at many different pictures on Google to get an idea of what a frog looks like. My favorite picture was of a blue frog with black spots on its back. I left out the spots, but I think he looks pretty good.

At the end of tonight I worked on creating a leaf. It took a good while but I eventually came up with something. After uploading it to Second Life, I was able to put a particle emitter together pretty quick. At first, the leaves were bouncing. It was a funny sight, but I got that fixed. When I put it together over our stone circle, the place started to really come to life.

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