Satanic Toilet Worshipers

Last night, my wife informs me that her mother is on the phone and would like to speak with me. As I take the phone from her, I notice something … odd. She and five of her friends were dancing around a toilet that was spewing blood. It was actually quite funny to look at it. Someone had made a bunch of prims everywhere to look like blood on the floor. I’ve heard of being knee deep in water and mud, but blood? Behind them I saw a picket sing that said, “Drama”, with a circle and slash over it to mean “No Drama”.

Another friend of hers was a really tiny reaper who would go around and hack at there legs. There avatars would be animated to fall down bleeding while there legs fell off.

Well, that is Second Life for you. You can do just about anything your imagination can think of. If you can build it, they can worship it. This morning they found a few things laying about that didn’t lead the imagination too far that there was an orgy about after she had left and gone to bed. Certain genital attachments were laying about along with some pose balls for intimate animations in the left over blood. Funny as can be, but had it been real life, it would make me just a tad bit sick.

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