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My vacation has just about come to an end. With that, things are going to progress a bit slower with my projects in Second Life. My primary project is working on the Particle Lab. Zeno had originally made a giant table with which people could interact with different “stations”. I began taking it a step further, practically starting from scratch. My biggest concern was that the old lab wasn’t too user friendly. The other problem was that the particle emitter couldn’t be attached to the table, because Zeno and I wanted to have it moving to demonstrate some of the effects.

The new particle lab has three parts to it. The first is a rotating particle emitter. It does what you tell it to do. The real brains behind the project is in the main controller and its substations. The main controller will change the current control set on top of it to the next set. Each set interacts with the particle emitter, sending it messages to toggle and adjust different features of particles. The main station also has the ability to output LSL script to create your own particle emitter. I also set up an object to be created so that someone may save there work and take it with them.

Some other projects that I worked on in between that was the Easel with Canvas, and the Comment Box. Lynour had made the Easel and canvas for her art gallery. I made a suggestion that I could set it up so that she could show multiple pieces of art on the same canvas. I got the script setup to also display text over top of each picture to let people know the name of the art, and who made it. As an added bonus, I added a feature so that you get a note card about the specific piece of art if one is available.

In the end, I tried to make a small box that you could drop note cards into as comments for the artist. I had problems when it was attached to the canvas itself. I ended up creating an entire new object to let people drop note cards. You can use the arrows on each side to iterate through each note cards name, and the creator of the note card.

There are still a ton of other little projects that I had done such as fish, an aquarium, particles of grass, dandelions and fire flies. I also made a special particle box for my wife. When she runs and flies, it leaves a trail of sparkles behind her. It also makes a trail pointing at someone if she gives a command to look for someone near by.

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