Wagging the Fish’s Tale

I’ve gotten pretty good at scripting in Second Life. I’ve gotten through the basics for lists, primitives, moving objects and the such. Now I got an odd problem. I’m trying to wag a fish tail. I thought I had figured out how to do it. It looked like it was wagging just fine. The problem came when the fish rotated along its Z axis. As soon as that happened, the X axis changed and the tail rotated 90 degrees and wagged up and down.

Sooner or later, this fish will need to be able to rotate on all three axis (X, Y, Z) and still have its tail wag normally. I will just have to go back to the drawing board and work this one out. This Euler and radian stuff really has me confused with determining how to interact with the local and global axis. All I want to do is wag 20 degrees left and right. Is that so hard to do? Even a gold fish can do it.

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