A life of a life

So there has been so much going on in Second Life. I try to blog, but this game is taking over my Real Life. When it is time to sleep, I’m too tired to do much else, or I would play more. It seems as if my blog is becoming a Second Life blog. I wonder how long it will last.

Anyhow, I’m really addicted to scripting things in the world. Zeno Concord has an artificial life project going on called “alife”. At least, that is the name of all of his objects. The object is that you click on an object that is appealing to you. It spawns an egg and fertilizes it. The egg hatches into a similar object with some changes. Its fun to see how this little project of his has progressed. I met him through Twisted Tardis and Lynuor Richelieu.

Twisted Tardis is of my neighbors in Dagger. I met him while he was building some planets high above the clouds in the sky. It’s amazing to look at them at night. He can go on for a while just talking about the different things that he is working on them with. Down at ground level, Lynuor Richelieu was doing some landscaping for him.

I have a place of my own setup as a laboratory. The place is getting situated, but could use a few more things. I have a room to watch movies, a planetarium to watch my neighbors planets at night, and a regeneration chamber. Since My character is a bit on the sci-fi side, I needed some really cool gadget to make for sleeping.

Lynuor is a really cool woman. At the moment, she lets me build things on her parcel. I’m working on an interactive particle system with Zeno there. I’m also building some fish for her Japanese garden that react to physics. Every now and then her and I will go out to try different pose balls for her landscaping projects. You need to have two people in order to try out the couples pose balls. We found a whole string of them and made up an ongoing story about what was going on as we tried out different ones.

Alika Bertone is another member of Dagger. I was looking around at other houses and she came down and spotted me. I hung out at her place and watched a ton of music videos for a few hours with her. We would joke about what we saw and how crazy the 80’s were. Back then, anything would make it as a music video.

One person I find amazing is Cyndane Desmoulins. She owns a home in the sky that is wonderful. The roof opens up and the shades on almost every side lift up to give you a view of the clouds just below her house. She has an eye for catchy outfits and she has a ton of them. We’ll go on and talk for an hour or two just about anything while she continuously changes and shows off her wardrobe. She has also shown me some really good places to shop for skins and clothing for myself.

If you are interested in seeing what it is all about, head on over to the Second Life website and sign yourself up for a free account. You can build, explore, meet, get a job, join some groups, shop, sell items and so much more. The world is yours to do as you please.

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