A Community Directory

Yes, it is another day in Second Life. I have been working on my little project with detecting land owners. My detection has become stable enough that I’ve started to work on a neat little utility for it. This “hub” is a directory of all land owners. here is a list of features I would like it to have:

  • Navigate forward/backward through list of land owners
  • Display percent of land owned
  • Display owner ratings (behavior, appearance, building)
  • Status if owner is online.
  • Teleport to owners parcel.
  • Send IM to owner
  • Allow land owners to submit image to represent there avatar and land.
  • See when owner was first detected.
  • See how long owner has had an account with SL.

A few of these probably will not make it into the game. I’ve resorted to using pie charts for the ratings and land ownership in my mock-up. Hover-text is helpful, but I do not want to use it everywhere. I may end up having a button to just say the additional information if the end-user wants to hear it.

If it becomes popular, perhaps many Sims will have there own community directories.

Earlier in the day I was having problems making a concave cylinder. I’ve seen other objects in the world where the sides bend in the middle as a curve. Lynuor Richelieu came to the rescue and taught me how to make them. It turns out that you actually start out with a Torus. This is pretty much a shape that looks like a donut. You hollow it out and then cut the outside of it off. This way, you are left with just the center. These concave cylinders make for nice stands.

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