Scripting a name for myself

Second Life is still overtaking my first life. I started to build a lava lamp the other night at my lounge in the sky and showed it to one of my friends. She invited me to her shop and showed me 4 lamps that she had made. It just really put my lamp to shame. Hers were really to spec with the size, shape and color. Her textures were far better. On top of this, she was quite successful in selling them at 100 L$ each.

From that point own, I started building my own lava lamp. I looked at a few sites for reference and created a few textures. With just 4 primitive objects, I was able to put something together that looked very classy. I went through my entire library looking at free textures to use. I even found a sound of bubbles underwater that gives a nice mood to the lamp.

I started getting into scripting pretty heavy. I learned how to make one primitive within the group of objects talk to the others. From there, I was able to turn the light on and off when the end-user touched it. I also got the user-interface to change it’s text to say “Turn On” and “Turn Off”. When the light is off, the gradient fallout disappears, some of the faces toggle there full bright property, and the texture animation stops. When the light is turned back on, everything returns to the original state. The only difference is that the texture for the “lava” changes to the next image in the contents of the lamp.

I went ahead and started playing around even more with listeners. I have a special channel setup so that you can tell the light to change “moods” (textures), turn on/off, toggle the fallout, and list all available textures.

I bragged to my friend the next night about my little creation and she admitted that it put her lights to shame. We are talking about forming a group so that she can earn a commission selling my lamp with hers. Mine would go for a higher price since it is scripted. I’m estimating 250 L$.

Dedric poses in front of his lava lamps.

She is also interested in using my scripting skills on group projects. Builders go hand-in-hand with scripters. My building skills are very limited. From the work that I have seen of hers, we could do some pretty cool things together along with another friend of ours (Twisted).

Today, Twisted and I formed a group for our sim (Dagger) called Dagger Landowners Association. The purpose is to get people together and get some kind of collaborative theme going. When simulators do this, it attracts more traffic to the region in general and builds a sense of community. One idea was to just have everyone make sidewalks connecting to each others property.

Twisted had an idea to build a script so that as he flew over parcels in the region, the script would build a list of names. I took on the challenge and started getting to work. I learned much about using timers, the data server, and lists (much like arrays). In the end, I found the following people owned some land in Dagger without having to fly over them:

Searching for land owners in Dagger every 3 sq. m.
Estimated time: 0 hours, 12 minutes, 26 seconds.
11% of land scanned.
22% of land scanned.
32% of land scanned.
43% of land scanned.
53% of land scanned.
64% of land scanned.
75% of land scanned.
85% of land scanned.
96% of land scanned.
Found 68 unique owners found within Dagger
10 owner names being ressolved.
(Unresolved Name) – 3231 sq. m. (5%)
Governor Linden – 10701 sq. m. (17%)
Corben McGann – 558 sq. m. (1%)
Brigit Flasheart – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Spiritual Warrior – 12618 sq. m. (19%)
R0B0 Overlord – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Andreas Naumova – 522 sq. m. (1%)
Dinger Hartnell – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Aldaris Asturias – 495 sq. m. (1%)
jaz Dassin – 594 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 2025 sq. m. (4%)
Deme Tuppakaka – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Cilae Trescothick – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Nids Ornitz – 540 sq. m. (1%)
Odile Liberty – 441 sq. m. (1%)
Vectron Unknown – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Persephone Menoptra – 540 sq. m. (1%)
Thoth Mason – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Gabriel Montagne – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Berg Churchill – 567 sq. m. (1%)
Kody Bergson – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Maximillian Faust – 495 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 9 sq. m. (1%)
Aspen Normandy – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Sammi Normandy – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Earnest Candour – 594 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Lampiasis Maginot – 495 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 2178 sq. m. (4%)
Charlotte Menoptra – 531 sq. m. (1%)
markop Trenchmouth – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Pelagia Sieyes – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Maximillian Prudhomme – 1575 sq. m. (3%)
JaneSmith Gumshoe – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Chardonnay Mathys – 1089 sq. m. (2%)
Edmond Gavaskar – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Clark Liberty – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Arrai Lobo – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Melody Strauss – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Star Lewis – 540 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Ansuru Axon – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Aura Diamond – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Kate Mommsen – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Adrien Kuhr – 540 sq. m. (1%)
Sarah Davison – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Storm Reymont – 540 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 450 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 1062 sq. m. (2%)
Dedric Mauriac – 495 sq. m. (1%)
margera Bunin – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Foxknight Graff – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Brooke Boccara – 540 sq. m. (1%)
Dexter Overlord – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Pym Sartre – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Alika Bertone – 495 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Eblis Black – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Noir Maelstrom – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Cyndane Desmoulins – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Twisted Tardis – 2178 sq. m. (4%)
Ema Bessie – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Colleen Desmoulins – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Thaumata Strangelove – 594 sq. m. (1%)
KoL Maeterlinck – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Fenix Frua – 495 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 540 sq. m. (1%)
Moriarty Augustus – 594 sq. m. (1%)

There are only 10 people that I can’t find the names for. I’ll have to look up the region of these folks and find out what the land properties say when I’m there. The numbers next to each name are the estimated number of square meters that the person owns. Since I’m searching every 3 meters, it thinks that I own 495 sq. m. when in fact, I own 512. Being off by 18 sq. m. doesn’t seem to be too bad for an estimate. There is also percentage next to it stating how much of the region they own. The details would get more accurate as I lower the number of square meters to scan.

The estimated time is way off. Rather then taking the estimated 12 minutes, this script took 40 minutes to complete. I need to take a look at what is causing the script to take about a half hour more then I expected. The script originally took a very long time to execute when jumping every 10 sq. m. It was such a long time to execute that I had to start breaking things up with timers. Many of my asynchronous events with the data server were not even being caught before I started using the timer events. This also helps to avoid lag on the sim.

People are starting to get impressed. I’ve got a load of ideas to expand this script, such as creating an online status board of the regions land owners.

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