Detecting land owners

I got to work on my detection scripts today in Second Life. Last night, I had problems where it would estimate a run time of twelve minutes and thirty seconds. The script actually ended up taking over forty minutes. The only explanation that I could come up with was that there must be a bottle neck in my code.

I focused on the number of times I keep looping through my lists of items. This was being done every time I tried to see if an owner was previously found. I looked at a few of the methods available on the Second Life Scripting Wiki. I found a method called llListFindList. This internal function goes through the list much quicker and returns the position of the item that I’m looking for. As soon as I implemented this method, my script completed in 12 minutes and 53 seconds. Being off by 23 seconds is still a little problem, but I’m not as worried about it.

I changed a few things about the object. For one, the progress is displayed every 1 second, rather then every 10 percent. This helps with those long running queries. Also, I made the progress hover over top of the object rather then have the object talk. Who needs chat logs for that kind of stuff any way?

I tried looking into saving note cards for each region that I scan, but I didn’t run into any luck. I found that I can read note cards, but I can’t create or modify them. It also appears that I may be able to email the reports to an avatar rather then have the object talk out loud.

I need to do a few extra things such as only permitting the owner to start the detection process, checking to see if the region has changed, and stop the timers if the object is rezzed or enters a new state. Most of the work left is just cleaning up after myself and trying to handle any situation that may come up.

Second Life Land Owner Detector

I should be able to package this object on its own and sell it. I’m debating on selling different versions for how accurate you want to get with the detection. The standard being 10 square meters will run in one and a half minutes. A five square meter version will run in about five minutes. Three square meters runs in almost thirteen minutes. I would sell a detection script within one square meter, but that takes an hour and fifty minutes to run the scripts. I don’t want Second Life to be pegged with executions. How accurate do you really need to get? I’m still looking for ways to make this script run faster.

Detecting every 10 square meters is accurate enough to get a list of all land owners. 3 square meters will get you a list of land owners with a very close estimate of how much land they own in that region. After putting on the final touches, my next little project will be to make an online status indicator for all the land owners in the area. I’ve got some ideas to keep the prim count down.

I’ve noticed that we have lost two land owners (Thoth Mason and Pelagia Sieyes) since yesterday, so the kiosk will need to be able to update itself once or twice a day with the current list of owners. Perhaps it can send the owner of the kiosk a message when ownership of land on the Sim changes. That way we can invite and remove landowners from our landowners association group.

(Unresolved Name) – 3231 sq. m. (5%)
Governor Linden – 10701 sq. m. (17%)
Corben McGann – 558 sq. m. (1%)
Brigit Flasheart – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Spiritual Warrior – 12618 sq. m. (19%)
R0B0 Overlord – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Andreas Naumova – 522 sq. m. (1%)
Dinger Hartnell – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Aldaris Asturias – 495 sq. m. (1%)
jaz Dassin – 594 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 2475 sq. m. (4%)
Deme Tuppakaka – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Cilae Trescothick – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Nids Ornitz – 540 sq. m. (1%)
Odile Liberty – 441 sq. m. (1%)
Vectron Unknown – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Persephone Menoptra – 990 sq. m. (2%)
Gabriel Montagne – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Berg Churchill – 567 sq. m. (1%)
Kody Bergson – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Maximillian Faust – 495 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 9 sq. m. (1%)
Aspen Normandy – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Sammi Normandy – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Earnest Candour – 594 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Lampiasis Maginot – 495 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 2178 sq. m. (4%)
Charlotte Menoptra – 531 sq. m. (1%)
markop Trenchmouth – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Maximillian Prudhomme – 1575 sq. m. (3%)
JaneSmith Gumshoe – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Chardonnay Mathys – 1089 sq. m. (2%)
Edmond Gavaskar – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Clark Liberty – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Arrai Lobo – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Melody Strauss – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Star Lewis – 540 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Ansuru Axon – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Aura Diamond – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Kate Mommsen – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Adrien Kuhr – 540 sq. m. (1%)
Sarah Davison – 450 sq. m. (1%)
Storm Reymont – 540 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 450 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 1062 sq. m. (2%)
Dedric Mauriac – 495 sq. m. (1%)
margera Bunin – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Foxknight Graff – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Brooke Boccara – 540 sq. m. (1%)
Dexter Overlord – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Pym Sartre – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Alika Bertone – 495 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Eblis Black – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Noir Maelstrom – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Cyndane Desmoulins – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Twisted Tardis – 2178 sq. m. (4%)
Ema Bessie – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Colleen Desmoulins – 495 sq. m. (1%)
Thaumata Strangelove – 594 sq. m. (1%)
KoL Maeterlinck – 594 sq. m. (1%)
Fenix Frua – 495 sq. m. (1%)
(Unresolved Name) – 540 sq. m. (1%)
Moriarty Augustus – 594 sq. m. (1%)

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