Closing a door

I’ve been building a home for myself within Second Life. I choose to go with a castle theme since most people in my area (Dagger) seem to be doing the same. My neighbor had a nice drawbridge and gave me a copy. It was a sample object made by the Lindens themselves.

The thing was huge, ugly, and didn’t animate well. I went to work on finding my own sounds for each event and working out the details to make it animate more smoothly. I thought it would be simple. It wasn’t. My own bridge wanted to rotate on its center axis. When I created and linked an object on the edge of it, it rotated from the bottom. Smoothing out the number of steps was a bit complicated. I learned about some methods (llGetRot, llEuler2Rot, llSetRot) that I’m still not sure about. There was a lot of trial and error. In the end, I now have a working drawbridge.

Angel and I spent a good time trying to find sounds so that the door would close with a nice creaking sound followed by a low thud. We ended up using two separate sounds and joining them together in Audacity. Second Life complained that the sound could not be longer then 10 seconds. We had some fun adjusting the speed and pitch.

On a side note, Angel and I are happily playing Second Life together without getting booted from the system. It looks like the network adjustments that I made last night were exactly what we needed. I danced with her for an hour and then went to go on building. I returned the extra hub today and got my money back.

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