An answer for two IP’s

I was having some troubles assigning a second IP address to one of my computers. What I had left out was that all computers were behind a firewall. The cable modem assigns IP addresses based on your MAC address. Since it only saw one MAC address representing everyone, it didn’t have an opportunity to give out the other IP.

To solve this problem, I went out and purchased a hub. I hate to think of all that unnecessary traffic being broadcast everywhere. Hubs are stupid things. If I were in a room full of 100 people, and wanted to send a message to just one person, I would approach a hub and it would broadcast the message to every person in the room. Switches on the other hand are a bit smarter. They remember people. They would take your message and hand deliver it to the recipient. Switches are also expensive. The hub was thirty bucks.

So I’m driving home thinking of how to set up the network. I have cables that can only reach so far. It then strikes me. Rather then connect my own computer directly to the hub, I can do the same with my wife’s. She has some firewall software that is better then what I got. Then I come to the point where I just want to slap my head. I already have a hub that I can swap with my router.

I got everything setup in no time at all and confirmed against the What is my IP? site with different computers to see that the addresses were as I had in mind. Tomorrow I get to go back to Wal-mart and return a hub still sealed in its original packaging.

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