Building a home for myself

I woke up early on Friday and saw that I had some money in the bank. I upgraded both mine and my wife’s second life accounts. Now that we are paying money, we get 500 L$ per week rather then 50 L$. We also have to option to buy up to 512 meters of land without any monthly taxes.

I went ahead and purchased a plot of land in Dagger (38, 185) with part of the 1000 L$ that I got for upgrading. I first tried out a few of the free house kits that I found around the game, but nothing really caught my eye. I went back to sleep. After work, I tried building a giant shoe that I could live in.

It’s a process that takes a long time. I can’t cut objects from others, or merge them into each other. The best that I can do is link one object to another as a group of objects. Every item in the game is built entirely of primitive objects.

After getting the basic work done, I discovered that I was limited to using 117 objects on my parcel. I had about 90 objects already and I didn’t even have furniture or any knickknacks just yet. I changed my individual steps into a twisted hollow cylinder that worked out as a ramp. The shoe slowly morphed into a 2 story castle with roof access.

Rite now I have 30 objects for the castle. I’m still playing around with details. The castle lacks windows and partitions between rooms. Hopefully I can get it looking really great and sell the plans to other second life players.

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