I’ve started building more things in Second Life. I started to look at the graphic template files that they provide. The face template caught my attention and I started to go to work at it.

I took a few pictures of my face and the sides. I loaded them up and found that it was difficult to map everything to the templates provided by stretching the photos in different ways. It was late and I went to sleep. Today I started looking around and found some morphing software. The only one that I’ve tried out so far is Morpheus.

This program is simple. Just drag dots onto the first picture, and then line them up on the second. I found some settings that let me keep the original image and hide the other one. I’m left with a very distorted version of the original image. That’s good news because that is what I want. The program is only $30. I don’t know what the difference is with the trial version just yet.

Hopefully I’ll be able to complete my face soon enough and swoon my wife in Second Life.

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