Working with primitives

In the game of Second Life, I started looking around some shops to find a nice top hat. I found one that had a few, but the objects were very simple. I figured that I would try making one myself. It took about an hour to build it. It is interesting to use the interface that they offer.

You build objects with primitives. There are spheres, cubes, tubes, prisms, boxes, torus’, and rings. I created a hollow top hat using 5 primitives. The inside is white and the outside is black with a purple band around it. It turned out OK. After making the object, it took a great deal of time positioning it just rite on my character too. It’s hard to position the entire object and stretch it if it is too small to begin with.

During my education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, I took some 3D modeling and animation classes in the computer labs. This hat would have taken just 1 object to make. I would make a shape by lofting a t-like pattern around a circle. I would have gotten it made with much less faces, vertexes and sides. I could always upload a texture to mimic the purple band, but it would cost me 10 Lira to do that.

I guess today we aren’t as worried. we are no longer limited to just 4 MB of ram on the high-end machines, rendering is quick, and bandwidth is very large as well. I couldn’t imagine a game of this size like this before.

If I wanted to, I could probably go around selling this hat to other players in the game. It is just so simple that I decided to go around and leave free copies at some of the junk yards and bazaars for the new players to grab.

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