December 3, 2016

I have an HTC Vive headset and I signed up for an account for Second Life’s 3D program – Sansar.

Mocking up hexagon tiles for a dungeon map building game

August 25, 2013

I needed to mock up a few graphics and found that Second Life was a good 3D graphics package to create some quick graphics to print out and play test.


I first started out building up a crude hexagon with some basic textures I had in my inventory.


I added some lights and setup my camera to look strait down at the tile. This is the image I can use to print off.


When I was looking at different options available for me to print with The  Game Crafter, I cut up some index cards to match the dimensions and get a visual on their actual sizes.


My first attempt at determining how to tiles would look. I started out by making a system of caves.


Over time, I made many different versions of tiles. Some where used just to identify the possible combinations rather than looking like tiles. I created tons of tiles and kept working at different ways to use them.
ImageI created a template on a 8.5×11 sheet of paper that I could use to draw more tiles at a high resolution. The idea was to draw each tile using the template to trace from, and then reduce the scanned tile to fit within the size of the hex tile.

Back… ?

July 11, 2012

Got my account reactivated and got a 512. Thinking about what I could do here and keep things simple.

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Reflection on glass

July 24, 2011

I’ve gotten the fish bowl to have a little more depth to it. I now have a texture that makes it appear that a light source it hitting against it. I’m not quite satisfied with it, but it is better. I was able to use AvPainter to figure out where to paint the object to simulate light. Transparency doesn’t work so well with it as a default texture lies underneath my own. I’ve also updated the texture on the business cards so they are more generic. I only added 1 prim to make the drawing ball into a fish bowl filled with business cards (only a 100% increase). I’ll have to spend more time learning about glass and reflecting light sources later.

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Horrible Fish Bowl

July 24, 2011

I was able to make a fishbowl and some business cards with just two prims. The problem is that the fishbowl looks horrible. It’s flat and dated and has a bit of alpha clipping going on. What I really need to do is to get some textures painted on to make it look highly reflective and transparent. The transparent cyan just makes it look like it’s a semi opaque piece of plastic. I’m thinking AvPainter may come into play here, but it looks like I’m going to need some kind of texture baking with actual raycasting, such as Blender – yet I feel totally out of my league.

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Drawing ball manual entry

July 24, 2011

Soft Vollmar contacted me regarding the drawing ball that I sell. The request was to allow the owner to manually add names to the drawing while preventing everyone else from entering on their own. I was able to make the quick change as well as added the ability to remove the name as well. She also needed a version that could be transferred. That fix was easy enough. However, I’m thinking that the drawing ball needs an update. I’m debating on making it look like a fish bowl of business cards. The downside is that the prim count would probably go up.

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Tech Office

July 23, 2011

I’ve been expanding a bit on the light blue glow color scheme I came up with the other day when trying to create a vendor spot that had more than just a networked vendor. I’ve got a service desk and a pillar of some sort with my logo above me. I was thinking about setting a few things out on the desk, but haven’t come up with any ideas that I want to run with.

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